Registration for ESSLLI 2022 is now open.

Registration for attendees, course lecturers, student session and workshop organisers and speakers is now open.

Early registration has been extended until the 12th of June 2022. 

You can register for ESSLLI 2022 here

If you wish to attend for less than two weeks, you may select the dates for accommodation accordingly. Please note that the same amount of registration fee applies to individuals who wish to partake for less than the full duration of ESSLLI. 

As part of NUI Galway's response to the invasion of Ukraine (see, we are not able to accept registrations from institutes in Russia and Belarus. We welcome Russian and Belarusian nationals with other affiliations, and all participants are welcome to affiliate themselves with FoLLI during the summer school by contacting their board (



The deadline for student fee-waiver applications has passed, it is no longer possible to apply(except for students and scholars from Ukraine).

Information regarding fee-waivers for students and scholars from Ukraine can be found here.


Visa Information

A visa may be required for entry to the Republic of Ireland in order to attend the conference. Ireland is not part of the Schengen area and a visa for the UK or another European country will not normally allow entry. To obtain a letter of invitation for a visa, please complete registration and email

Information regarding the visa application can be found here.